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ANNETTE & ALLEN: Wedding in San Antonio, Texas, USA

How come a wedding photographer from Barcelona ends up as the photographer of a wedding in Texas? Well, now it seems everything happened in a very spontaneous and natural way. In February 2016 I was having lunch with a friend of mine and got a call: “We are in Barcelona and we want a photo shot tomorrow. Our hotel is door by door to your studio!!!”. It was destiny. 🙂


Click here to see the ENGAGEMENT photos I took to them in Barcelona.


A few days later I sent them the photos. And this was their answer: “We are super in LOVE with every single shot!! ::magic:: You wouldn’t happened to be interested/available April 2nd, 2016 to shoot our actual wedding; now would you??” Of course I was! And  two months later I was in San Antonio. The wedding was mazing. As crazy as they are!!! Magic happens!!!

And here is the webiste of their wedding: www.myhartsellhappy.com

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Cortal Gran (Sant Pere Pescador, Girona, Spain)


Destination Barcelona Wedding Photographer in Texas: ©  Cesc Giralt / www.fotografo-bodas.com

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