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Questions and Answers to Your Barcelona Wedding Photographer


Q: Will you be the actual photographer of our wedding or you will you send some other photographer?

It will be always me in your wedding. Choosing a wedding photographer is crucial: it will determinate how you will remember the day of your wedding. Because we remember moments, not days. So, choosing me for your wedding, you will be choosing my photography style: that’s why I need to be there.

Q: If we want to hire you as a photographer for our wedding, how soon should we do it?

This is an easy one: hire your wedding photographer as soon as possible! However, in Spain, most of the weddings are between May and September. My opinion? If you like the photos you have seen in this website, and you want that for the memories of your wedding, book now! There are not so many wedding photographers with a casual style out there!

Q: Will we sign a contract?

Yes, always. If you live far away from Barcelona, we’ll sign the wedding photography contract trough email.

Q: How much is the wedding photography package?

The basic wedding photography package costs 1.350 €, and includes a USB Stick with between 400 and 800 retouched good photos. This price increase 300 if you want me to stay until the end of the dance. For more options and details please contact me at  or call me: (0034) 651 530 623.

Q: We don’t want a wedding photography album, only the pen drive/USB Stick with the photos in JPG. Is that a problem?

Not at all. I always say that the photos is what matters here. Once you have good photos, you can do whatever you want with them: an album, a web gallery,or even post them on Facebook! But if the pictures are not so good, it doesn’t matter how wonderful the album is.  Also, you can always make the album, even months after the wedding .

Q: How do we pay your wedding photography services?

You will need t make a booking of 300€ when signing the contract. The rest of the payment should be made on the wedding day. But we can always negotiate this point, no worries.

Q: How do we book you as our wedding photographer?

Once you pay the 300€ deposit, I am yours. That is the only way I can tell for sure to other couples I am booked for your wedding day.

Q: Are you shooting wedding outside Barcelona? And outside Catalunya? And outside Spain?

Of course! And I love it! I already shoot weddings at EEUU and India. I love to travel and shoot weddings!

Q: Is the mileage included in the price?

For weddings within 50km of Barcelona, the mileage is included. For weddings outside that distance there is a 100€ supplement. For weddings outside Catalunya, we will need to talk about it.

Q: How can we book you as our photographer if we live far away from Barcelona?

You have two options: either you come to Barcelona for a weekend or something and we meet, or we do a Skype meeting. If we go for the Skype meeting and after that you want me to be the photographer of your wedding, I will send you the contract signed by e-mail and then you can pay the 300€ deposit.

Q: Where can we meet? Do you have a photography studio?

Please contact me to arrange a meeting. I used to have a studio until 2016 in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, but then I went on traveling for 6 months and I left the studio. Since I only shoot wedding photography and photo sessions in Barcelona, I don’t need a studio at all. 🙂

Q: What if the church or the restaurant forces us to hire another wedding photographer?

That is a very sad scenario: by choosing the photographer of your wedding, they are choosing how you will remember your wedding day! From my point of view, this is an unmoral practice, and also illegal, since it goes against the Ley de Competencia, so it is better to talk to them clearly about it.

Q: What if the church or restaurant make us pay a “canon”  to bring our own wedding photographer?

As I state in my contract, I will not pay to be a photographer in a wedding. This point I thing is very easy to understand.

Q: Do you do wedding video?

I am, for the moment, only a wedding photographer haha! But I can recommend you a various video makers, with different prices and styles.

Q: Can you print some photos to give to the guests on the wedding day?

No, I don’t do this in the weddings anymore because it takes energy and concentration for what is really important on the wedding day: me, the photographer, taking the best photos of your wedding.


Q: What is your style as a wedding photographer?

I like to think think my wedding pictures talk by themselves, but let’s try to translate them into words! I will never say to you what you have to do so I can take the photo. I am a photojournalist and a documentary photographer, so I take pictures on the go! That is way your wedding pictures are unique, as unique as you are, as uniques as is your wedding day itself.

On the other hand, let’s just say I’m “good” photographing emotions, the laughs and cries, and there is a lot of that in a wedding!

Q: We don’t like posing! Do we REALLY need to pose for our wedding pictures?

Haha, not at all! But it is important to realize that, if a wedding last 10-15hours, the posing session takes only 20-30 minutes. We will only do a photo session if you want to do it. But, I do recommend it: what I do is different, and it is nice to have some pictures only of you two where I can control the lights and the background. Before you realize, we will be done with it and you’ll be again enjoying your wedding day!

Q: Can you take good pictures of us during the wedding even if we don’t pose?

Yes, of course I can.  But pictures of you two, alone, are not easy to take. That is why I recommend 20-30 minutes of hugs and kisses after the ceremony and before the appetizer. It only takes 20 minutes, but on that 20 minutes, you should give your best!

Q: How many pictures do you take during the wedding?

I take between 4.000 and 8.000 pictures during the wedding. I carry two cameras and in 12-15 hours of a wedding many things will happen . If I see “something” during your wedding I can’t help taking the picture! Of course, after the wedding I have to spend long hours selecting the best pictures for you, but it is ok, I love my job!

Q: We want pictures of the wedding guests, is it possible?

I take a lot of pictures of guests during the wedding, you only need to have a look at my gallery to see it. If  I see a picture, I take it, always. But it is true, the protagonist of the wedding day are you two, so I am more aware of the people that are around you. The gusts who spend more time with you on the wedding there are the ones more likely to be on the pictures.

Q: Do you take group photos on the wedding day?

If you want to, of course I do it. I am your photographer after all. But I will not ask them to do it. If you want posing pictures with guests or family you will need to tell me to take them (you or the guests or family!).

Actually, some mothers, who have seen me taking pictures all ceremony but no of them posing, who then organize the “posing sessions” with guests, and I am more than happy to take all the pictures they ask me to take!

Q: What equipment do you use for photographing the wedding?

I take always two cameras with me on the wedding day,  Canon 5D Mark III. I also use the 70-200 mm 2.8, 24-70 mm 2.8, the 35 mm f.2 lens and a 50 mm Macro Lens. I use also 2 Flashes Canon 600.

Q: Do you do more than one wedding per day?

Ups, NO! I couldn’t even if I wanted to. A wedding takes between 10 an 15 hours and I end up  so tired I don’t even shoot weddings the next day!

Q: Do you stay until the end of the wedding?

As you wish. I offer two options: you can book me until the end of the wedding (when the DJ finishes) or until one hour after the dance starts. If this last case, you can always tell me in-situ if you want me to stay longer, it is up to you!

Do you think it is import that you stay until the very end of the wedding?

Depends of the wedding, you never know. At some wedding the dance start slowly and during the first hour nothing really happen. But there other wedding where the dance starts so high! But I guess it is better if I stay at least 2 or 3 hours after the dance has started.

Q: Do we need to book a second photographer or you alone can cover the whole wedding?

As I say, I take a lot of pictures, A LOT, but I can not be in two places at the same time…So a second photographer, is she/he is good and we work as a team, Its can be a good idea. But if you ask me: Do we really need it? I will say: no, you don’t. But for weddings with  over 150 guests its highly recommend to have a second photographer. Nevertheless, I have done 80% of my wedding alone, as a main photographer, and all the pictures on my web and blog are mines.

Q: What is you experience as a wedding photographer?

I start in 2011, and I have been the photographer in around 200 weddings. Before that I use to caollaborate with the El Periódico de Cataluña.

Q: Do you do any other kind of photography besides weddings?

As a professional I do, basically, wedding and other love involve photographic sessions: per-weddings, post-weddings and pregnancy. I always work on natural environment (interiors or exteriors) and never in a studio, I don’t like it!



Q: What will you give us?

From the 4.000-8.000 pictures I take on your wedding day, I select those ones I like th most, either because they are from important moment or because they are important for you two.

All this pictures (between 400 and 1000 pictures) I retouch, one by one, and are those pictures the ones on your pendrive, in JPG format, high resolution and without any water marks or any king of sign.

If you want the album, you can choose from the pictures on your pendrive the one you like th most.

Q: Will you give us all the pictures you take during the wedding?

If you book me for the whole wedding ( No-Limit Plan) and you want to I will delivery all the pictures I took during the wedding, unretouched. This is a bit crazy I have to say, there will be between 4.000 and 8.000 pictures!

Q: Why do you take so many pictures (between 4.000 and 8.000)?

This is basically for 3 reasons:

1- If during the wedding I see a picture, I take it. The person on that picture it maybe just a guest, or it may be your best friend, then, bingo! That is why I take all the pictures I see.

2- When there are scenes with a lot of action, I burst shoot (6 photos per second) and then I choose form them the one in where you look better or the elements are more harmonic.

3- I work a lot on the moment, and I insist until I am satisfied with the picture or until the moment is gone.

For example, to get this picture of the wife with her grandmother I took 15 pictures!

For example, to get this picture of the bride with her grandmother I took 15 pictures! Gemma, the bride, gave her beloved grandmother “Nona” the bouquet. After that they where for a few seconds hugging each other. I was, from the other side of the table, holding my breath while taking the pictures. The light was dime and I had to shoot on a slow speed. I insist hoping the magic moment will be capture by my camera. From the serie, in only one picture both were with the eyes close. I end up teary.


Q: How many picture will you give us on the pendrive?

If you book the Basic Plan, I will delivery at least 400 pictures, normally between 600 and 700 pictures.

If you book the No-Limit Plan I delivery minim 600 pictures, normally between 600 and 1000 pictures.

The number of pictures will always depends on how many things are going on during the wedding day, how many surprises, the atmosphere during the dance and also how many guests are, more people more things happens.

Q: What is the delivery time for the wedding pictures?

For the USB Stick with all the retouched pictures, the delivery time is maxim 6 weeks.

For the wedding album, the delivery time is between 6 weeks and 3 months, depending on the type of album and the time it takes for us to make the adjustments.

Q: Will you give us the photo-negatives or RAW files?

If you want them, yes, of course. But it’s about 150-200 GB!

Q: Is it possible to choose the picture for the album?

Obviously! Once I gave you the pendrive, you can select the pictures for the wedding album. I will orientate you about the perfect amount of pictures of the album, depending on the type of album you have chosen and the number of pages of your wedding album.

Q: How many pictures are in a wedding album?

Between 70 and 170, all depending on the type of album you have chosen. In some types of album you can put up to 300 pages, so you could have 330 picture in it.

Q: Do to retouch all the wedding photos you deliver?

Yes, all of them: I retouch them one by one and with a lot of love.

Q: Do you take black and white pictures?

Digital cameras take the picture in color. Nevertheless, when I retouch them, I decide if I want them black and white or with color. Most of them stay on color.

Q: Can we ask you to turn a wedding picture from color to white and black, and vice versa?

Yes, no problem. As I always say, they are my  pictures, but it is your wedding and your memories!

Q: Can we print the pictures you give us on the pendrive?

Yes, all the picphotos I will give you on the pendrive are in high quality and without watermarks. You could even make a poster out of it! (and you won’t be the first ones doing it…)

Q: How does the wedding album look like?

You can choose the one you like the most. If you want to see some models, we can meet and I will happily show you them.


Q: How can you take the getting ready pictures of the bride and groom at the same time?

There is no magic on that! Only some organization. From the timetable of the bride (hairdresser, make up…) I decide when I have to be with the groom. He may need to dress up a bit earlier that he would have done if I wasn’t there, but it is only for the wedding day! (and he can always go back to dress his pijama once I am gone if he wants!)

Q: Do we need to provide you your meal on the wedding day?

You don’t have to. But you need to know that working as a wedding photographer for about 12 ours as I do it is very exhausting! To be able to sit down, drink plenty of water and eat properly is essential.  What I don’t need is to eat the same as the wedding guests,  you can give me to eat anything (except meat! I eat fish, though), as long as it abundant haha.

Furthermore, I always advise the couples to sit me to eat in the same room as they eat. If I am eating and something happen during the wedding I will stand up and start taking pictures. That day a simple conversation can end up on hugs and laughs or cries, so I need to be close to you to take all those pictures.

This is a typical picture impossible t take if the wedding photographer is nowhere close to the married couple. All of a sudden, I say people from two table standing up and running to the presidential table. I didn’t know what was happening but I ran with them, and that is how I managed to take this picture! They start eating the wedding cake directly from the bride & groom's plates!

This is a typical picture impossible to take if the wedding photographer is nowhere close to the married couple. All of a sudden, I say people from two table standing up and running to the presidential table. I didn’t know what was happening but I ran with them, and that is how I managed to take this picture! They start eating the wedding cake directly from the bride & groom’s plates!


Q: What if you camera, flash or lens get broken during the wedding?

I carry two cameras, 2 flashes and a few lens. After 200 wedding in my heart & eyes… don’t you worry!

Q: Will you be selling picture to the guests during the wedding?

No way, not even if you ask me to do so. I am a wedding photographer: my thing is to take pictures.

Q: Do you stay until the dance?

Always, at least 1 hour. If you want me stay longer, you can book me for extra hours, or book directly the No-Limit Plan, then I will stay until the end.

Q: What time do you start taking picture on the wedding day?

With the Basic-Plan I start with the groom, at his place, and I move on to the bride place.

With the No-Limit Plan I can start, for instance, on the hairdresser with the bride, then go to the groom house, come back to the bride…The time I start with the groom always depends on the bride, sorry men!

Q: Do you take picture during the banquet?

Yes, always. I am alert on what is going on. That is why I ask you to place me at the same room as you during the banquet.

Q: Where do we do the outside pictures on the wedding day?

Normally we will do them at the restaurant’s garden. We can also do them after the wedding,If there is a nice place close to the restaurant. It normally takes 20 minutes, but If you want we can go wherever you want and take as long as you need. We only need to talk about it!

Q: What is the First Look session?

This a first encounter of the couple, just before the ceremony, normally already on the place where the ceremony will take place and with the wedding dresses. You could also choose a neutral place, a forest, the beach…etc. Sometimes we place the groom and bride on the same picture but physically separate so they can see each other, and sometimes we blind the groom, so the bride can see him, but he can’t see her. There are many possible combinations.


Q: What is it a Pre Wedding or Engagement photo shoot?

This is a maxim 3 hours session, taking place weeks or months before the actual wedding. The wife and husband to be will be walking on the street, hugging and kissing each other. You can have a look at this examples: Chris & Sonia Engagement Photo Session in BarcelonaSergey & Julia Engagement Photo Session in Barcelona.

Q: It is important or necessary to have a Pre wedding shoot?

If it is important it is only to know each other better, So when the wedding day comes we all have the feeling we are (almost) friends. I have to say, the feeling sometimes comes, even if we haven’t done the pre wedding session.

Some of my working collages, says that the pre wedding session is also important for you to get use to the cameras. In my case, this is not important, they way I work will make you forget I am there!

Q: What is it a Post Wedding or Honeymoon photo shoot?

It is same as the Pre wedding session, but in this one you will be dressing same as the wedding day and it will take place of a date after the wedding day. You can have a look at : Eddie y Candice en BarcelonaElena y Vicent en Londres y Jennifer e Iván en Barcelona.

Q: Where are the Pre wedding and Post wedding session take place?

Wherever you want! Beach, forest, city etc.

Q: Are the Pre wedding and Post wedding session included on the price?

No , they are not. If you want to have any of  them, its cost is 300 Euro.

Q: Do you do Pre wedding and Post wedding session to couples who are not getting married but want a photo session?

Yes, of course I do! For more options and details please contact me at  or call me: (0034) 651 530 623.




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